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Quality is not just confined to Products and Services. There are many not so well known charities that utilise the benefits of good quality and high-technology to provide invaluable and often unseen help to peoples in need around our planet.

Often a surprisingly small donation can make a significant difference in improving a fellow human beings quality of life. For example, if you can read this page just think what a difference the first organization featured below can make in a life. Its always worth remembering that blood knows no color and charity does not always begin at home.

Money is often the best gift these charities can receive as they need to run their support services as well as their field operations, but if you have a skill or expertise do consider volunteering your own time or your organization to help them. And please do remember these organizations would welcome your support not only once a year, but throughout the year as they operate continuously, often in areas of personal danger, difficult climates and far flung places around the World.

Please take a few moments to read about the novel work some of these worthy organizations do to help people who will go on to help themselves. Organizations that will benefit greatly from your kindness...

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ORBIS has a wide body DC-10 aircraft with the seating partially removed from it. Its small enough to fly into many airports but big enough to house a mobile Teaching Eye Hospital complete with classroom, operating theater and recovery room. It is estimated that 180 million people suffer from blindness, visual impairment or are at risk of deteriorating eye quality. The surprising fact is that a staggering 80% of people do not need to be if they received surgery commonly available in developed countries. To date ORBIS have flown their aircraft into 79 countries, trained over 40,000 local doctors and nurses during joint teaching surgery with local medical staff and treated more than 21,000 patients suffering from relatively simple cataract, more complex retina and other disorders. Surgical staff are surgeons and nursing specialists who volunteer their expertise. The cost of one flight in this aircraft needs the equivalent of enough fuel to keep the average family car running for several decades.

{This page is provided as a public service to highlight the work of deserving charities. Views expressed on this page are solely those of its author. Comments and requests for donated inspections can be addressed to Richard Wicks at INSPEC}

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